Satellite Application Facility for Numerical Weather Prediction

The NWP SAF aims to improve and support the interface between satellite data/products and European activities in NWP.

The NWP SAF is one of several EUMETSAT SAFs (Satellite Application Facilities). Utilising specialist expertise from the Member States, SAFs are dedicated centres of excellence for processing satellite data and form an integral part of the distributed EUMETSAT Application Ground Segment. Further information about SAFs is available on the EUMETSAT web site.

The SAF for NWP interacts, where appropriate, with related work in other SAFs and in other EUMETSAT activities in order to enhance collaboration and to minimise duplication of effort.

Recent News and Updates

  • Website issues related to potentially malicious registrations - October 28, 2019
    We had a further 800+ “spam” registrations. To try to tackle this I have updated software on the site. Some of the software required a manual update and during this process some data was lost. Help Desk records and User Registrations created between 27th and 1400UTC 28th October may be missing as I had to restore from a backup of the database. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  • Potentially malicious registrations - October 23, 2019
    We have had many registrations recently that have been potentially malicious. These have mainly fallen in to two groups: the emails addresses from each group being from the same domain. After investigating the associated websites it was decided that these accounts (over 400) should be deleted and email domain blacklisted. It is possible that valid accounts may have been deleted in error and, if so, we apologise. If this has happened please email us at It is not our intention to stop any genuine user from accessing the resources of this site.  
  • Radiance Simulator v2.2 released - September 26, 2019
    Radiance Simulator v2.2 has been released. The main new features are: support for RTTOV v12.3, simulations for all solar-affected channels supported by RTTOV including use of the BRDF atlas and the MFASIS fast visible cloud parameterisation, clear-sky simulations using the Principal Components-based models PC-RTTOV and HTFRTC, ingest of DWD ICON model fields in GRIB format, ingest of ECMWF data in netCDF format, and the ability to modify the background CO2 profile used in the simulations.
  • Upgraded NRT quality monitoring - September 5, 2019
    Near-real-time data quality monitoring pages have been upgraded and refreshed. A new monitoring system has been introduced at the Met Office and plots are now available for many new instruments and L2 products at multiple centres. Please visit the refreshed NRT quality monitoring webpage to access and explore the new monitoring plots.
  • DBNet monitoring for FY-3D - July 16, 2019
    The NWP SAF DBNet monitoring┬áhas been extended to cover data from the MWHS-2 and MWTS-2 instruments on the Chinese FY-3D satellite. These data are part of EUMETSAT’s EARS-VASS┬áservice. The FY-3D component is currently in trial dissemination mode, and the NWP SAF plots help to assure the quality of the data.

For older news, see the News Archive.