Satellite Application Facility for Numerical Weather Prediction

The NWP SAF aims to improve and support the interface between satellite data/products and European activities in NWP.

The NWP SAF is one of several EUMETSAT SAFs (Satellite Application Facilities). Utilising specialist expertise from the Member States, SAFs are dedicated centres of excellence for processing satellite data and form an integral part of the distributed EUMETSAT Application Ground Segment. Further information about SAFs is available on the EUMETSAT web site.

The SAF for NWP interacts, where appropriate, with related work in other SAFs and in other EUMETSAT activities in order to enhance collaboration and to minimise duplication of effort.

Recent News and Updates

  • NRT data availability monitoring enhanced to include additional data types: - July 20, 2018
    The near-real time data availability (coverage and timeliness) monitoring has been extended in June 2018 to also include Scatterometer winds from OSCAT/ScatSat-1, radiances from MWRI/FY-3C, and AMVs from VIIRS/SUOMI-NPP.
  • DBNet monitoring for NOAA-20 ATMS and CrIS - July 16, 2018
    The DBNet ATMS and CrIS monitoring pages have been extended to include data from NOAA-20 (in addition to Suomi-NPP). EUMETSAT are currently operating EARS-ATMS and EARS-CrIS services for NOAA-20 on a trial basis, and it is expected that more DBNet centres will follow over the coming months.
  • 1D-Var v1.1.1 has been released - June 25, 2018
    A new version (version 1.1.1) of the 1D-Var package has just been released and uploaded to the NWPSAF web site ( ). This release was necessary after a bug was found in the previous NWPSAF 1D-Var package (version 1.1) which affected microwave retrievals that included the liquid water path. In the 1DVar source code file NWPSAFMod_LiquidWater.f90 the order of the arguments to the function Layers_to_LWP was incorrect. The bug has now been fixed. Also, the sample test data for SSMIS_43L ( for RTTOV11 / RTTOV12 and ifort / gfortran) were affected by the bug and these have been corrected.
  • MWIPP and IRSPP - June 25, 2018
    Preliminary information, including product specification documents, is available for two new NWP SAF software deliverables: the MWIPP (for microwave imager pre-processing) and the IRSPP (for the infrared sounder on MTG). The new pages can be accessed via the “software” tab from any NWP SAF web page. Further information will be added as the packages develop.
  • Radiance Simulator v2.1has been released - June 20, 2018
    Radiance Simulator v2.1 has been released. The main new features are: support for RTTOV v12.2, temporal interpolation of model data to observation times, optional use of RTTOV parallel interfaces for multi-threaded simulations, more RTTOV options can be specified in the configuration file, output files now use netCDF-4 classic format with internal compression, and a new Python script which can be used to create configuration namelists and run RadSim from the command line.

For older news, see the News Archive.