Satellite Application Facility for Numerical Weather Prediction

The NWP SAF aims to improve and support the interface between satellite data/products and European activities in NWP.

The NWP SAF is one of several EUMETSAT SAFs (Satellite Application Facilities). Utilising specialist expertise from the Member States, SAFs are dedicated centres of excellence for processing satellite data and form an integral part of the distributed EUMETSAT Application Ground Segment. Further information about SAFs is available on the EUMETSAT web site.

The SAF for NWP interacts, where appropriate, with related work in other SAFs and in other EUMETSAT activities in order to enhance collaboration and to minimise duplication of effort.

Recent News and Updates

  • DBNet monitoring for FY-3D - July 16, 2019
    The NWP SAF DBNet monitoring┬áhas been extended to cover data from the MWHS-2 and MWTS-2 instruments on the Chinese FY-3D satellite. These data are part of EUMETSAT’s EARS-VASS┬áservice. The FY-3D component is currently in trial dissemination mode, and the NWP SAF plots help to assure the quality of the data.
  • NRT data availability monitoring enhanced to include additional data types - June 25, 2019
    The near-real time data availability (coverage and timeliness) monitoring has been extended to include the data from METOP-C (AMSU-A, MHS, IASI, ASCAT and AMVs) as well as clear sky radiances from GOES-16 and altimeter winds from Sentinel-3 A and B. ATMS and CrIS from NOAA-20 have also been added to the NRT data availability monitoring in recent months. Please visit the NRT availability monitoring webpages for further information.
  • NRT quality monitoring for MetOp-C instruments - May 23, 2019
    Near-real-time data quality monitoring pages have been updated to include monitoring of MetOp-C AMSU-A, MHS and IASI, from ECMWF. Please visit the NRT quality monitoring webpage to access monitoring plots from these instruments.
  • Software Downloads - May 14, 2019
    We have fixed the issue with software downloads.
  • NWP SAF Site Service Partially Resumed - May 14, 2019
    Many parts of the NWP SAF website is back up and running but we are still working on the Software Downloads area which is not functioning. If you do come across any other missing links or strange behaviour please let us know via the helpdesk. Thank you for your patience during this period.

For older news, see the News Archive.