NRT data availability monitoring enhanced to include additional data types

The near-real time data availability (coverage and timeliness) monitoring has been extended to include the data from METOP-C (AMSU-A, MHS, IASI, ASCAT and AMVs) as well as clear sky radiances from GOES-16 and altimeter winds from Sentinel-3 A and B. ATMS and CrIS from NOAA-20 have also been added to the NRT data availability monitoring in recent months. Please visit the NRT availability monitoring webpages for further information.

NWP SAF Site Service Partially Resumed

Many parts of the NWP SAF website is back up and running but we are still working on the Software Downloads area which is not functioning.

If you do come across any other missing links or strange behaviour please let us know via the helpdesk.

Thank you for your patience during this period.

Site Outage

The NWP SAF website suffered a serious issue early on 8th May that resulted in an outage. Although the website is now available again, we are still working to restore the full content and functionality. We apologise for the inconvenience to users and thank you for your patience while we work to restore full service. Please continue to report issues through the helpdesk as usual. We will update you when everything is back to normal.

AAPP v8.4 released

AAPP update 8.4 has been released. The changes include: (i) updates for Metop-C and FY-3D; (ii) a tool to process CrIS from SDR to BUFR, including VIIRS cloud mask and the cluster analysis that was introduced in AAPP v8.3; (iii) corrections to BUFR encode/decode; (iv) portability updates. The software has been tested on both RHEL6 and RHEL7 (equivalent to CentOS6 and CentOS7).

RTTOV v12.3 released

RTTOV v12.3 has been released. Updates from v12.2 include: the new CAMEL IR emissivity atlas derived from multi-year (2000-2016) climatology, new options for treatment of Lambertian surfaces, an update to the MFASIS fast visible cloud parameterisation to account for variable water vapour in affected channels, an updated parameterisation of the Baran ice optical property database with greater spectral consistency from the visible to the far-IR, a new tool to enable generation of custom aerosol optical property files for visible/IR scattering simulations, a new subroutine that provides a simple way to pass scaled copies of the reference trace gas profiles into RTTOV, and numerous updates to extend the capabilities of the HTFRTC model within RTTOV. See the RTTOV pages for more information.

Report on NOAA-20 ATMS and CrIS data quality

A report has been released providing an initial quality assessment of the new ATMS and CrIS instruments on NOAA-20, from a NWP user perspective. The quality of the NOAA-20 ATMS and CrIS observations has been assessed against simulated observations from background model fields, and compared against the same statistics for the currently assimilated SNPP ATMS and CrIS data. These evaluations, along with some initial  implementation trials, have been done for two model systems, from the Met Office and DWD. The report can be found on the Radiance data quality assessments page.