Data Coverage Monitoring

Data Coverage Monitoring

This monitoring shows the current data coverage for different key satellite data types commonly used in NWP. The plots display:

  • Data received within the last four 6h periods, i.e. covering the last 24h.
  • All data (without data selection or quality control).
  • The data cutoff is such that incoming data are normally complete (about 12h, see time stamp on plots)
  • Plots are refreshed four times daily.

This NRT data availability monitoring is currently being set up and will evolve further to include plots from the Met Office monitoring and additional display types. Comments and suggestions are welcome, please contact the Helpdesk.

Please select the main data type and time interval in the pull-down menus. The appearing table will then offer further choice of instruments and data sub types.

Data coverage monitoring at other NWP SAF partners (external links)

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