AMV analysis reports

AMV Analysis Reports

The aim is to produce analysis reports every 2 years to coincide with the International Winds Workshops.

The second analysis report is the first full report of the monitoring.

Report Release Date
10th Analysis Report(pdf) Apr 2023
9th Analysis Report(pdf) Feb 2020
8th Analysis Report(pdf) Mar 2018
7th Analysis Report(pdf) May 2016
6th Analysis Report(pdf) Mar 2014
5th Analysis Report(pdf) Feb 2012
4th Analysis Report(pdf) Jan 2010
3rd Analysis Report(pdf) Feb 2008
2nd Analysis Report(pdf) Dec 2005
1st Analysis Report(pdf) Apr 2001


The following table is only applicable to Analysis Report 8 and earlier.

Analysis of features observed in the O-B statistics
Feature Covered in: Closed?
Low level (below 700 hPa)
2.1 GOES fast bias in inversion regions 2,3,5 Yes, less prominent in new GOES product
2.2 Indian Ocean 2 Yes, discussed elsewhere
2.3 GOES winter negative speed bias over NE America 2,3,6 No, but improved in new product over sea
2.4 Fast bias at 40-60S for Meteosat satellites 2 Yes, less prominent
2.5 Trade wind fast bias 2 Yes, less prominent
2.6 MSG positive bias over N Africa 2,3,4,6,8 No
2.7 Spuriously fast Meteosat and MTSAT low level winds 2,3,4,6,7 No
4.1 Model differences in the Pacific 4,5 No
5.1 Patagonia negative bias 5 No
5.2 MSG negative bias during Somali Jet 5,6 No
6.1 Bias in tropical E Atlantic 6 No
6.2 MTSAT and FY-2E bias during NE winter monsoon 6 No
8.1 Meteosat-8 (IODC) Positive Speed Difference in the Tropics 8 No
Mid level (400-700 hPa)
2.8 Positive bias in the tropics 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 No
2.9 Negative bias in the extratropics 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 No, but MSG improved
3.1 MTSAT-1R IR fast bias 3,4 Yes, removed by 19 May 09 JMA derivation update
High level (above 400 hPa)
2.10 Jet region negative speed bias 2,3,4,5,6,8 No, but MSG improved
2.11 NESDIS over-correction of slow bias in jets 2,5 Yes, less prominent
2.12 Indian Ocean fast bias at high level 2 Yes, less prominent
2.13 Tropics positive speed bias 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 No, but MSG improved
2.14 High troposphere positive speed bias 2,3,6,8 No
2.15 Differences between channels 2,3,5 No, but improved
3.2 Negative speed bias in TEJ 3,6 No
3.3 GOES-W bias change at 180 longitude 3,5,6 Yes, fixed in new GOES product
4.2 GOES negative bias in tropical Pacific 4,5,6 No
5.3 MTSAT tropical cyclone speed bias 5,6,7 No
6.3 Very high FY-2E WV winds 6,7 Yes
Polar AMVs
2.16 Number of MODIS IR winds 2 Yes, improved
2.17 CIMSS MODIS mid level fast winds 2 Yes, removed by fix in May 06
2.18 CIMSS MODIS slow winds 2 Yes, improved
2.19 High level positive speed bias 2,3,4,5 No
2.20 Low level negative speed bias 2,3,4 No
3.4 NESDIS MODIS IR slow streak 3,4 Yes, removed by NESDIS fix on 27 Oct 09.
3.5 CIMSS polar AMV problem in Sep-Oct 2007 3 Yes, improved Oct 07, second correction Jan-Feb 08.
3.6 NESDIS-CIMSS polar AMV differences 3,5 Yes, no longer significant
4.3 Near-pole mid level negative bias 4,5 No
6.4 EUMETSAT Metop near the poles 6 No
7.1 Dual-Metop Positive Bias in Tropics . 7 No
7.2 EUMETSAT Metop High Level Negative Bias in Extra-Tropics . 7 No
7.3 MISR Fast Bias over Ice and Desert . 7 No
7.4 LeoGeo Coverage Gaps at Particular Longitudes 7,8 No
7.5 Stripes of Large O-Bs in MISR data. 7 No
7.6 Square-Shaped Spatial Distribution of Suomi-NPP Winds. 7,8 No