ASCAT-C (Development Status)


The Advanced Scatterometer (ASCAT) on-board MetOp-C was launched on November 7 2018. ASCAT is operated by EUMETSAT and operates at a frequency in C-band (5.255 GHz) giving the instrument a near all-weather capability. Six vertically polarised (VV) radar beams, 3 either side of the spacecraft, trace out two 550 km wide swaths separated by a 670 km gap.

ASCAT-C is under going pre-operational testing at the Met Office.

Acknowledgements and status
   Level 1b: EUMETSAT
   Level 2b: OSI SAF (in development status)

Latest Data (updated every 6 hours)

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Data Coverage
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Map O-B Vector Difference
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O-B Speed Bias
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