HY-2B (Development Status)


HY-2B is a marine remote sensing satellite launched by the Chinese National Satellite Ocean Application Service (NSOAS) on 24 October 2018. The HY-2B scatterometer (HSCAT) is a rotating pencil beam scatterometer operating in Ku-band at 13.25 GHz which traces out a ~1300 km swath. The EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice Satellite Application Facility (OSI SAF) have developed a HY-2B wind product which makes use of the level 1b backscatter data made available by NSOAS.

HY-2B is under going pre-operational testing at the Met Office.

Acknowledgements and status
   Level 1b: NSOAS
   Level 2b: OSI SAF (in development status)

Latest Data (updated every 6 hours)

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Data Coverage
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O-B Speed Bias
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