Microwave Imager Pre-processor (MWIPP)

MWIPP is a new software package that is being developed to process microwave imager data from several different instruments. Initially the package will handle SSMIS, AMSR-2, GMI and MWRI data. Later, it will be extended to process data from MWI and ICI on the Metop-SG-B satellite series, due for first launch in late 2022.

MWIPP will incorporate relevant functionality from the SSMIS-PP deliverable, namely the ability to ingest BUFR data, perform spatial averaging and create output BUFR files. In addition, it will be able to ingest native-format hdf5 files for some of the instruments, and map the brightness temperatures to a user-defined grid (e.g. NWP grid).

The initial release of MWIPP is planned for late 2018.


MWIPP Product Specification