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Software Download


Software package downloads are now managed in the User Area. You must first register on the site and then go to your user area once logged in. Click Change Software Preferences to edit your software package downloads. Software packages are provided free of charge subject to a licence agreement.

Archived Versions

Archived versions of software package downloads are now managed in the user area.
Please note that support is no longer provided for many archived versions of our software.

Supplementary Downloads


Coefficients Download

Coefficient files for many non-hyperspectral sensors are included with the source code distribution. All coefficient files are available on this page which provides a comprehensive list of the latest RTTOV coefficient files along with the features supported by each one. Use these tables to determine the best coefficient file(s) to use for your instrument(s) of interest.

See this page for RTTOV v12 coefficients.

Atlas Download

Surface Emissivity Atlas Data

The IR emissivity atlas angular correction and covariance files are optional and can be downloaded separately from the emissivity data itself.

The following files should be unzipped/untarred in emis_data/:

Surface BRDF Atlas Data

The following file should be unzipped/untarred in brdf_data/:

Additional Sources of Surface Emissivity Data

Additional sources of emissivity data for RTTOV users are detailed on this page