RTTOV v12 Code Updates and Known Issues

RTTOV v12 Code Updates

Updates and bug fixes to RTTOV v12 will be published here.

Known bugs and issues

Please report any bugs you find in RTTOV using the NWP SAF Helpdesk. The official release package for the latest version doesn’t contain the bug fixes or updates listed here under the latest version so you should apply any fixes provided below. Bugs in earlier versions have been fixed in the latest version.

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30/10/2018Bug - fixedAffects: MFASIS simulations.

Issue: the MFASIS parameterisation as originally implemented gave larger-than-expected errors for mixed-phase cloud. The model has been revised to improve the accuracy in these cases.

Fix: download and extract this file in your top level RTTOV v12.2 directory (e.g. ~/rttov12/) and recompile RTTOV. The tarball includes updated reference data for the example_cld_mfasis_fwd.F90 example program. This code update should be used in conjunction with the new MFASIS LUT files now available on the coefficients download page.
26/09/2018Bug - fixedAffects: Mietable generation software

Issue: there are errors in generated Mietable files if more than one particle type uses the ARTS database of optical properties. This does not affect the Mietable files available to download on the coefficients download page because they only use the ARTS database for one particle type. It only affects the code which generates the Mietable files, it does not affect RTTOV-SCATT itself.

Fix: download this file to src/mw_scatt_coef/ and recompile RTTOV.
01/08/2018Bug - fixedAffects: reading HDF5 PC-RTTOV coefficients using rttov_read_coefs with the optional channels_rec argument.

Issue: the channels_rec argument to rttov_read_coefs is ignored for pccoef files unless the channels argument is also passed. This is not consistent with ASCII and binary format files for which the two arguments are independent.

Fix: download this file, extract to src/coef_io/ and recompile RTTOV. Note that after this update the reconstructed radiance channels will be numbered from 1...n if you supply the channels_rec argument, regardless of whether you pass the channels argument: this is the intended behaviour and is consistent with the user guide.
12/07/2018Bug - fixedAffects: secondary radiance output radiance2%down(:,:) when the do_lambertian option is true.

Description: the downwelling radiances are not modified with the Lambertian correction and so are inconsistent with the other radiance and radiance2 outputs.

Fix: download this file to src/main/ and recompile RTTOV.
30/05/2018Bug - fixedAffects: non-solar IR cloud/aerosol simulations. Most likely to affect code where the coefficients structure variable (type rttov_coefs) is allocated dynamically at run-time.

Description: some potentially uninitialised values in the cloud/aerosol optical properties structure cause intermittent/occasional segmentation faults when they are used to size arrays later on inside RTTOV.

Fix: download this file to src/coef_io/ and recompile RTTOV. Note that this will not work with RTTOV v12.1: see the table below for the v12.1 fix.
10/05/2018Optional updateAffects: output warnings when apply_reg_limits is true.

Description: in v12.1 and earlier, no warnings are printed out when input profiles exceed the regression limits if the apply_reg_limits option is true. In v12.2 warnings are printed out regardless of apply_reg_limits. This update reverts to previous the behaviour.

Update: download this file to src/main/ and recompile RTTOV.
09/05/2018Updated test reference dataAffects: RTTOV-SCATT

Description: since the RTTOV v12.2 release, updated Mietable files were made available for download (see the coefficients download page). These result in changes to the test outputs for the test_rttovscatt.sh and run_example_rttovscatt_fwd.sh scripts which now differ to the test reference data included in the v12.2 package.

Update: download and extract this file in the rttov_test/ directory. This will enable you to verify RTTOV-SCATT in your RTTOV installation using the latest Mietable files.
09/05/2018Optional updateAffects: HTFRTC simulations (RTTOV v12.2 only)

Description: in the v12.2 release, HTFRTC cannot be run via the RTTOV parallel interface. This update enables the capability for multi-threaded HTFRTC simulations using OpenMP.

Update: download and extract this file in your top level RTTOV v12.2 directory (e.g. ~/rttov12/) and recompile RTTOV. When compiling you must specify one of the *-openmp compiler flag files in build/arch/ to enable multi-threaded simulations. The update tarball includes the modified example code and associated calling script (src/test/example_htfrtc_fwd.F90 and rttov_test/run_example_htfrtc_fwd.sh) which demonstrates use of the RTTOV parallel interface. NB This update includes the HTFRTC bug fix below. See the separate link below for updated test reference data related to the bug fix.
09/05/2018Bug - fixedAffects: HTFRTC simulations (RTTOV v12.2 only)

Description: due to a bug in the calculation of geopotential height (used in the calculation of local path angles through the atmosphere) there are small errors in the HTFRTC outputs equivalent to up ~1mK in reconstructed brightness temperatures. In addition the rttov_read_coefs_htfrtc.F90 subroutine has been updated to improve compiler compatibility (this has no impact on outputs).

Fix: download and extract this file in the RTTOV v12.2 src/ directory and recompile RTTOV. The fix changes forward model outputs slightly (equivalent to up to ~1mK in reconstructed brightness temperatures), and also has a small impact on Jacobians. Updated reference data for the test_htfrtc.sh script can be extracted in rttov_test/. Output from the example_htfrtc_fwd.F90 example program does not change as a result of this update. NB This bug fix is included in the optional HTFRTC update above.

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